Sean D Tucker

Sean D Tucker


Sean D. Tucker is internationally known as the world’s premier civilian aerobatic performer, flying more than 1,000 performances at more than 450 air shows in front of more than 80 million fans. Each air show season, Sean continues to impress, inspire and share the love of aviation with air show fans from across the country. Tucker has been flying at air shows worldwide wince the mid 1970s and has won numerous aerobatic competitions. He has received the highest awards in the aviation industry including induction into the National Aviation Hall of Fame, the International Council of Air Shows Hall of Fame, the International Council of Air Shows Sword of Excellence, the Living Legend Aviation Award and many other awards and recognitions.

Tucker’s airplane, the Oracle Challenger III bi-plane, has continued to improve each year. Tucker started with a factory built Pitts Special 30 years ago and modified it each year. After reaching the limits of the Pitts, Tucker’s team designed a one of a kind airplane that could do anything that he asked of it. This resulted in the most high-performance aerobatic aircraft in the world in its time, the Challenger II biplane. Tucker’s continuous demand to push the aircraft further resulted in the 2010 unveiling of the Oracle Challenger III, which is the most high-performance aerobatic aircraft in the world today. This fire-breathing monster packs more than 400 horsepower, weighs just over 1200 pounds and responds to the slightest pressure on the control stick even at 300 mph. To endure the extreme physical demands of each routine, Tucker maintains a rigorous physical training schedule by working out more than 340 days per year in a routine of jogging and weight-lifting on alternating days.

Not only is Sean D. Tucker considered to be one of the top solo aerobatic pilots in the world, but he is also a larger than life character who touches the hearts of his fans and inspires millions of Americans. Sean is extremely passionate about sharing his love of aviation with air show fans. His self proclaimed goal is to share the magic of flight with fans by inspiring and thrilling them.

Sean D. Tucker’s Special Awards and Honors:

  • Honorary Thunderbird, Blue Angel, Canadian Snowbird, Army Golden Knight, Brazilian Smoke Squadron
  • Living Legends of Aviation – Aviation Inspiration & Patriotism Award – 2011
  • EAA’s Freedom of Flight Award recipient – 2010
  • General Charles E. Yeager International Aeronautical Achievements Award – 2010
  • International Aviation Air & Space Hall of Fame Inductee – 2009
  • National Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee – 2008
  • International Council of Air Shows Hall of Fame Inductee – 2007
  • Living Legend in Aviation Award – 2007
  • Crystal Eagle Award by the National Aeronautics Association – 2006
  • Named one of the 25 “Living Legends of Flight” by the National Air & Space Smithsonian – 2003
  • Inductee in the USAF Gathering of Eagles – 2001
  • World Airshow Federation Champion – 2000
  • International Council of Air Shows Sword of Excellence – 2000
  • Undefeated Campion of the Championship Air Show Pilots Association Challenge – 1998 – 2001
  • The Art Scholl Memorial Scholarship Award – 1992
  • The Bill Barber Award for Air Show Showmanship – 1992
  • U.S. National Advanced Aerobatic Champion – 1988