Jim and Ernie Moser

Jim and Ernie Moser


In 1966, retired Air Force Colonel Ernie Moser settled in St Augustine (SGJ), Florida to manage the local airport and establish an FBO and flight school. His expertise at day-to-day operations was quickly realized and a year later he was offered a long-term lease arrangement for operations at SGJ. And so it was, in 1967, that Aero Sport Inc. was born.

To promote the then fledging “Aero Sport”, Ernie created and developed “Colonel Moser’s Air Circus”. In a style reminiscent of the early barnstormers, he toured the southeast US with a unique variety of aerial acts and antics. Air show notables of the day were regular performers. People like Mary Gaffaney, Duane Cole, Bevo Howard, Jim Holland, and Bob Lyjack were the family that Ernie’s son, Jim, grew up around and from whom he learned.

Jim began his air show involvement as part of the Circus’ parachute act and in time developed aerobatic routines in the Citabria, Stearman (with wingwalker / wife Diane), Great Lakes, and finally, a highly modified Bucker Jungman, which was to become his signature act.

The successful troupe performed until the late seventies at which time Jim and Ernie devoted their time to full time operation of the FBO at SGJ. In short order and almost exclusively because of the Moser family’s dedication to sport aviation, SGJ airport became known as the – East Coast Mecca’ of sport, antique and aerobatic aviation.

When Ernie retired, Jim took the reins and continued the tradition set forth by his dad, attracting world-class aerobatic stars to visit, practice and enjoy the unique camaraderie for which Aero Sport was known.

Over the years, Aero Sport has been a distributor for a variety of aerobatic aircraft, including Citabria, Great Lakes, and in 1989 became the sole North American distributer for Extra Aircraft and remained so until Jim’s passing in 1999.