Eddie Andreini

Eddie Andreini


Eddie Andreini started flying in an L-2 Taylorcraft while in high school at the age of 16. Today, he is a commercial instrument-rated pilot and possesses an FAA aerobatic ground-level waiver. Eddie has accumulated 6,000 plus hours of flight time in a variety of diversified aircraft including P-51s, Yak 55s, Pitts Specials, and the Russian AN-2, in addition to his show planes.

He flew his first air show in 1964 and, after over four decades, has become a legend in the airshow industry.

Eddie comes to the air show ready to fly, sometimes flying up to five times in one day. His repertoire includes a Stearman solo act, night act, wing walking, helicopter drag race, helicopter slow flight formation, a Yak 9 solo demo, and he recently restored a P-51 with an unbelievable smoke system which he is now performing in. After Eddie’s ribbon cut in the Super Stearman he offers to childern small sections cut from the ribbon used in this act. You would think he gave them a $100 by the expression on their faces getting a piece of the ribbon.

He is called upon by the Ace program for his opinion, and has mentored other performers many times at shows either about what they are doing right or what they are doing wrong, but always as if your father was talking to you. Both new and old performers always listen when Eddie is talking.

He’s always ready to do favors for his friends with whatever they need, from getting smoke oil, metal plates for the Cobra’s to land on (Eddie has a construction company), or providing a water truck to put out the ground fires ignited by pyrotechnics.

Among the titles Eddie holds, he was made an honorary ShowCopter by Jim Cheatham, which was given to him at an all-helicopter show. You may wonder what Eddie has to do with an all helicopter show. He flies his Stearman so slow in formation with the helicopters, he steals the show!