Clifford Henderson


Clifford W. Henderson was arguably the most prominent producer if air shows in the United States. Considered a genius of promotion and organization, the events he organized were recognized on the World Stage and greatly contributed to public acceptance of aviation in its “Golden Age of Flight.”

Cliff’s motivation was that of an entrepreneur driven by vision and a passion for aviation. This was combined with his belief in the utility of the airplane as it relates to commerce and transportation at a time when the airplane had not yet been embraced publicly as other than a novelty.

His contributions were honored in 1984 by the National Aeronautic Association and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, as follows:

  • Establishing and promoting many National Air Races
  • Inspiring aviators to design and build more sophisticated, faster airplanes
  • Promoting and organizing air shows, which helped foster the development of General Aviation
  • Service above and beyond during World War II in North Africa
  • A lifetime devoted to the advancement and promotion of aviation during the early days